Why Become a Member?

v You care:
You still want to make a difference. We do, too. The Peace Corps community has a unique set of experiences and skills which – when brought together – can make a difference in our local community.
v Stay connected:
Being a member makes it easy to maintain your Peace Corps connections and make new ones through our social networking site, social media conversations, Africa Rural Connect program, global events and member groups. Get all of the news from NPCA about Third Goal initiatives happening around the world.
v You need support networking:
 NPCA’s Jobs Board provides you with options for work or volunteer opportunities. The Mentoring program matches you with a Returned Volunteer to ask questions about your career and your next moves.
v You know about the developing world:
NPCA and its member groups connect you to other people, services, products, and projects in the developing world and the US.
v Make your voice heard:
The Peace Corps and Peace Corps-related issues have always been at the center of our advocacy program. Your membership raises our community’s collective voice and strengthens our actions in support of these important issues.
v Everyone needs good reading material:WorldView, our quarterly magazine, provides the Peace Corps perspective on global issues and highlights the work of the Community – stories you won’t find anywhere else. A subscription is included with your membership.
v Everybody likes a discount:
Every penny counts in this economy. As a member, you are eligible for various discounts and opportunities to help you save.

How to Become a Member:

* First time joining is free for 12 months
*After the first year, individual membership is $35 for National Peace Corps Association
* To join the Phoenix RPCV group, membership is $15 or $20 and you get a fabulous calendar
**To join NPCA and the Phoenix RPCV group head to www.peacecorps connect.org
**If you only want to join the Phoenix RPCV group, you can bring cash or check to any of our eventsJ 


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